Local 511

SMART Local 511 was chartered by the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association (SMWIA) of the United States and Canada in 1951.   A merger with the United Transportation Union in the United States resulted in the name change to the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART).

SMART Local 511, is a dynamic and diverse union with over 1200 members working in five construction related craft trades. We are sheet metal workers, testing & balancing technicians, commercial roofers, total building enclosure workers, welders, manufacturing employees and more. Local 511’s members work primarily in the industrial and commercial construction industry, both on job sites and in production shops, mainly in the Province of Manitoba.

SMART Local 511 works with its members, executive board, officers, committees, affiliates and signatory partners to protect and maintain the living standards for the professional, skilled women and men employed in the construction industry and our production/manufacturing workplaces. We unify our members and employers to work together to maintain safety, ensure profitability and provide the highest quality of work.

Union Membership

“In unity there is strength.”

A labour union is a democratic organization. When workers join together in a union, there is a greater ability through strength in numbers to improve conditions at the workplace.

The primary purpose of the union is to represent workers in their employment and to negotiate a contract that improves wages, provides benefits, establishes working conditions and protects workers from unfair treatment. The contract negotiated with the employer or craft trade is determined by the union members affected by the proposed contract. Once negotiated, the contract or collective bargaining agreement can only take effect if it is voted on and ratified (approved) by a majority of the craft trade members.

Unions are a powerful advocate and voice of the working family. Union members have healthcare benefits coverage, retirement security, fair wages, and a collective bargaining agreement to ensure fair treatment in the workplace.

Officers and Executive Board of SMART Local 511

Local 511 Officers

Will Truman – Business Manager
Trevor Duguay – Business Representative

Local 511 Executive Board

Brian Popowich – President
Coltin Hes – Vice-President
Will Truman – Financial Secretary Treasurer
Trevor Duguay – Recording Secretary
Rick Chabbert – Conductor
Kevin Riley – Warden
Mark Edmonds – Member-at-Large
Ryan Messner – Member-at-Large

Local 511 Trustees

Joy Anderson
Larry Shologin
Leonard Reimer

Local 511 Building Trades Health & Welfare/Pension Trustees

Will Truman
Trevor Duguay
Chris Mikolowski


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